Photo Safari: A Dream trip in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia

We organize group photographic trips

Luxury accommodations in stunning locations. Limited space with no more than six passengers.

Unforgettable wildlife expeditions with expert guides

The Photo Safari Experience

Let me tell you something: Namibia is one of the greatest paradises for landscape photography. It has a special, magical light. Additionally, the country combines endless deserts with dunes by the sea. You can also take pictures of wild animals in places like Etosha or along any of its routes, where it is possible to find animals in the wild.

If landscapes are not your thing and you want to focus on wildlife photography, we recommend Botswana or Zimbabwe. Or perhaps a combination of both, passing through Victoria Falls, always amazing.

We organize the perfect route for your photographic trips. In groups of up to 6 people, you will stay in luxurious lodges with all kinds of amenities. Our guide will take you to the best places, focusing on photography.

The person writing these lines is a big fan of wildlife and landscape photography. Here is my passion. I constantly travel through these countries looking for suitable places for photography. You will return home with spectacular images.

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