With wwwildnature, we have been able to discover places of dreams. Endless deserts, a breathtaking sky, animals in absolute freedom. Wonderful people and truly spectacular gastronomy.

They don’t let go of your hand from your arrival until your departure.

Thank you for a trip that we will never, ever, ever forget.

We will be back!

This year we are organizing trips to Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

These are spectacular journeys, staying in high-end lodges where you will experience moments with your family or friends that you will remember for a lifetime.

If you think about it, there are only two possibilities:

  • That I am exaggerating
  • That it’s true

It wouldn’t seem very smart on my part to compromise my reputation just to sell you a trip. It could be possible, but you should consider whether that would be worth it or not.

Here to experience a journey with your loved ones (or alone).

Keep in mind that starting June 1st, all of our prices will go up by an additional 200€/$ per person, and they won’t be reduced afterwards. Actually, they will continue to increase over the next few months. The journey will continue to be worthwhile, but logically, it’s even more worthwhile now.


  • Trips to Namibia.
  • Safaris to Botswana and Zimbabwe.
  • Amazing landscaping, amazing lodges, amazing safaris.
  • The price increases by +200€/$ starting from June 1st.
  • You get a better price if you book before June 1st.

Here to collect special moments:

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