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We are dedicated to organizing memorable trips to lands that make you feel alive. We can organize your adventure in Africa so that you can enjoy an exciting trip with your loved ones. And remember it for a lifetime.

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Well, before we continue, I’ll tell you that although in the collective imagination, Africa is like in the movie Out of Africa with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, a lot has changed around here. Hemingway no longer comes to hunt in these places, and the great explorers like Livingstone are only left in statues to remember their feats.

Despite that, Africa is impressive. Probably the most impressive of all continents. Probably the place where you can live the most transformative experiences as a traveler. Where you can enrich yourself the most internally.

In Africa, you can find the largest concentrations of wild animals. Its landscapes can leave you speechless and undoubtedly, it is the continent that leaves travelers the least indifferent. Africa makes you connect with something that is not seen and that you will carry inside you forever.

Our trips are designed to make you feel the essence of Africa. To discover the best places and have experiences that you won’t forget for the rest of your life. You will come back with those photos you always dreamed of.

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Some well-known figures who were amazed by Africa:

David Livingstone (born March 19, 1813) was a Scottish physician, explorer, and Christian missionary who spent much of his life in Africa, mapping out the continent and working to end the slave trade.

Paul Theroux (born April 10, 1941) is an American travel writer and novelist who has written extensively about his journeys throughout Africa and other parts of the world.

Ernest Hemingway (born July 21, 1899) was an American author and journalist who spent time in Africa during the 1930s and 1950s, and wrote several books about his experiences, including “Green Hills of Africa.”

Theodore Roosevelt (born October 27, 1858) was the 26th President of the United States, and an avid hunter and conservationist who went on a safari in East Africa in 1909 and wrote about his experiences in his book, “African Game Trails.”

If all of them were amazed, it must have been for a reason, right?

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